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Outside General Counsel Services

ElGuindy, Meyer & Koegel, LLP (“EMK”) provides outside general counsel services to a diverse group of clients seeking the assistance of counsel with the flexibility to determine their own needs and requirements. Often times, small businesses require the infrequent need of legal counsel, whether it be for wage and hour advice, HR support, contract negotiation and review, program and corporate development, legal entity formation and maintenance, general legal advice, or even specialized trainings. Yet, small businesses do not have easy access to reputable and knowledgeable counsel, who can provide such services on an as-needed basis at a reasonable rate, without incurring significant retainer fees that larger firms charge.

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Although your individual needs may differ, here are some of the tasks that EMK is routinely asked to do:
  • Evaluate potential liability concerns with hiring and/or terminating employees
  • Draft employment or professional services contracts
  • Create legal entities and governing documents
  • Review and revise employee handbooks
  • Draft and negotiate lease agreements
  • Advise on, and register trademarks and copyrights
  • Assist with land use, entitlement, and governmental approvals
  • Assist with landlord-tenant disputes
  • Identify appropriate insurance to be procured, and act as the liaison with the broker and/or carrier in the event of a claim
  • Perform due diligence in corporate purchases, take-overs, or sales
  • Evaluate and negotiate sales agreements and other contracts
  • Advise corporate/non-profit boards in corporate governance
  • Prepare and file required corporate documents, to maintain corporate formalities
  • Advise on a wide variety of general legal questions posed to a trusted advisor
EMK provides those critical legal services to you, using a tiered hourly system to allow you to choose legal services that best suit your requirements.
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Additionally, in an effort to demonstrate our commitment and belief in the value of on-call legal services, EMK will reduce the fee for any new client to the one-year rate (at the designated plan level) for the first two months of service. If you realize that your needs will exceed the plan you have opted for, then you can simply change to the higher hour plan in lieu of incurring the hourly rate that would normally apply in excess of the hour plan. Moreover, unlike other firms that have a “use it or lose it approach,” EMK allows you to carry-over the prior two months’ of unused time while the service is still active. Once a plan is selected and a retainer agreement has been executed, EMK will meet with you to discuss anticipated ongoing needs, expectations of the firm, and to relay any pending requests for legal services. This initial meeting will not be charged against the time under the plan. The goal for EMK is to find a workable plan that builds a long-standing relationship.
Contact us today to set up your free consultation meeting to discuss your business’ legal needs and which plan would best suit your needs.

Areas of Practice

General Business Litigation

Providing clients from all industries with experience-driven advice and trial-proven advocacy.

Real Estate Litigation

Our attorneys are experienced in a wide variety of commercial and residential real estate transactions. 

Construction Practice

There are a vast array of legal challenges that arise throughout the construction process. We can help.

Professional Liability

EMK attorneys have been providing legal services to professionals and practitioners for over two decades.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We are adept at utilizing ADR practices outside of litigation to facilitate efficient/economical resolution.

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